Terms & Conditions

§1 Framework and Agreement Establishment

This document delineates the terms governing the relationship between Counder Network GmbH, overseen by Managing Director Michel Weiss at Giesserallee 23, 47877 Willich, Germany ("organizer") and the participating individual ("participant"). These terms are binding upon agreement. Terms introduced by the participant that diverge from or contest these will not be accepted unless the Organizer explicitly confirms their inclusion. The contract's focus is the procurement of tickets by the participant for the Wine & Venture Summit event through the organizer's website. The agreement becomes binding once the ticket transaction is complete.

§2 Contract Realization

Once the agreement is finalized, immediate payment is expected. The participant has the freedom to select from several payment methods. After the organizer verifies full payment, the tickets will be emailed to the participant. Physical tickets will not be dispatched. Participants must secure and present their tickets at the event. If availing special ticket discounts (e.g., Startup, Under 25), the participant must showcase relevant proof when prompted. If the participant fails to do so, the organizer retains the right to invalidate the contract after giving a reasonable notice period. The organizer can challenge the agreement if a participant's ticket entitlement is disputed.

§3Luma and Stripe Services

To provide a seamless registration and payment experience, we've integrated with Luma and Stripe. By registering for our events or making payments, you agree to abide by Luma's and Stripe's respective terms of service. While we've chosen Luma and Stripe due to their commitment to high security and user-friendly services, we're not liable for any damages or losses resulting from your use of these platforms. Any disputes or issues related to payment processing or registration on Luma or Stripe should be directed to the respective platform. Counder Network GmbH reserves the right to change or discontinue its use of Luma, Stripe, or any other third-party service at its discretion. We will update our terms and services and privacy policy accordingly to reflect any such changes.

§4 Exclusive Invitations and Refunds

The Wine & Venture Summit is an exclusive invitation event. The organizer has the prerogative to choose event attendees. If a ticket is acquired without a formal invitation, the organizer can void the ticket and might opt to refund the ticket cost at their discretion.

§5 Responsibilities and Entitlements

The organizer commits to providing informative sessions and a platform for participants to engage in valuable discussions. The organizer may employ various tools like video and chat systems to facilitate this. There might be instances where event agendas, content, or venues undergo last-minute modifications; in such cases, the organizer aims to provide an equivalent alternative when feasible. The organizer may decide to conduct the event virtually, considering certain circumstances. In a virtual format, the organizer will strive to ensure that both the content quality and the networking opportunities align with those of a physical event. The participant's decision to retract or annul their tickets does not arise from these changes. The participant has the flexibility to modify the names associated with the tickets up to two weeks prior to the event, provided the attendees meet the specified conditions. Post this timeframe, name alterations are not permissible. Event attendees should recognize the global networking nature of the event and be open to sharing and receiving information. Accordingly, the organizer can share participant data to the extent permissible contractually. At the event, the organizer might require adherence to specific safety protocols or legal mandates, like wearing face masks. The organizer can also maintain a record of visitors for potential contact tracing related to health concerns. All participants are expected to use the services for their intended purpose and must not engage in activities that breach legal norms or third-party rights.

§6 Alterations, Delays, and Cancellations

The Wine & Venture Summit is an intricately planned event. However, unforeseen circumstances may compel the organizer to adjust the event's schedules, content, or venues on short notice. When such alterations are necessary, the organizer will strive to offer an alternative that matches the initial offering's quality and intent as closely as possible. If particular conditions arise, the organizer retains the discretion to transition the event to a virtual platform. In a digital format, the organizer remains committed to ensuring that content quality and networking opportunities mirror the standards of an in-person event. The decision of participants to retract or annul their tickets does not stem from these shifts. Up to 14 days before the event, attendees can alter the names linked to the tickets, ensuring that the listed individuals comply with the stated criteria. After this window, no name adjustments will be entertained. Recognizing the global networking essence of the summit, participants should anticipate information exchange. Within contractual boundaries, the organizer can disseminate participant data. Attendees might be asked to follow specific safety protocols or statutory mandates during the event, which could include wearing protective masks. For public health reasons, the organizer may document visitor details, facilitating potential future contact tracing. Attendees are urged to engage with services as intended and must abstain from actions contravening legal standards or infringing on third-party rights.

§7 Photos and recordings

The customer expressly agrees that photos and recordings may be made of him before and during the entire events and may be published, distributed, and passed on by the organizer on the Internet, in the print media, and other media.

§8 Accountability Parameters

Counder Network GmbH is solely responsible for damages directly resulting from willful misconduct or gross negligence. For any other consequential damages or losses, Counder Network GmbH's liability is strictly limited to foreseeable damages typical for this kind of contract. Counder Network GmbH assumes no responsibility for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including loss of profits, arising from or related to the event or any services provided therein. Attendees acknowledge and agree that they are participating in the Wine & Venture Summit at their own risk. Counder Network GmbH shall not be held liable for any harm, damage, or injury that may befall any attendee, or for the loss or damage of any attendee's property, unless due to the direct and gross negligence of Counder Network GmbH.

§9 Indemnification

Every attendee agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Counder Network GmbH, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and licensors from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or related to their attendance or participation in the Wine & Venture Summit, any violation of these terms and conditions, or any activity related to the use of event facilities (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by the attendee or any other person attending the event on behalf of the attendee.

§10 Closing Terms and Jurisdiction

This agreement and its interpretation are exclusively governed by the laws of Germany, regardless of the event's location. Should there be any discrepancies between German regulations and those of South Africa, German laws will take precedence, unless the purchaser is a consumer. If both parties are registered business entities, for any disputes related to or stemming from this agreement, the jurisdiction is determined by the location of the organizer's registered office in Germany, regardless of where the event takes place. The event attendees understand that while the event is hosted in South Africa, the organizer operates from Germany, and any claims, legal proceedings, or litigation arising in connection with the Wine & Venture Summit will be brought solely in Germany. The invalidity or unenforceability of one or multiple provisions of these terms doesn't undermine the legitimacy of the remaining clauses. Attendees also recognize that while local laws and regulations in South Africa will be respected during the event, the overarching responsibility and authority rest with Counder Network GmbH, operating from Germany.