The Why

Africa is rewriting its story, shedding stagnant stereotypes and brimming with unprecedented economic vitality. Its future isn't impending; it's unfolding right now. Boosted by youthful innovation, digitization, urbanization, and a spirit untouched by borders, Africa offers an unparalleled blend of potential and opportunity.

Unlocking this potential needs the right ambiance, meaningful connections, and a fusion of insights. And what better place than the Cape Winelands for such a rendezvous? Our Wine & Venture Summit is this very juncture.

Interior of Quoin Rock Wine Farm

The What

You know those moments when everything just falls into place? That's what we're creating at wine and venture summit. It’s where Africa's rich opportunities converge with European expertise. It's where fresh ideas intertwine, collaboration ignites, and visionaries come together.

This day is unlike your typical conference. Envision deep, enriching conversations, incredible scenery, music and South Africas best wines and cuisines.

Wine & Venture Summit is about meeting the right people, sharing the right moment, and seizing the opportunities that unfold.

People meeting inside Quoin Rock Wine Farm

The Who

At the Wine & Venture Summit, we've curated an exclusive gathering by invitation only. Amongst us are CEOs, family offices, discerning investors, GPs, and visionary founders.

Each participant isn't just attending; they're shaping conversations, driving collaborations, and bridging the business gap between Europe and Africa.

  • Michel Weiss

    Michel Weiss

    Founder & CEO | Counder
  • Mark Miller

    Mark Miller

    Founding Partner | Carlsquare
  • Yolanda Cuba

    Yolanda Cuba

    Vice President | MTN Group
  • Natalie Kolbe

    Natalie Kolbe

    Managing Partner | Norrsken22
  • Lucas von Cranach

    Lucas von Cranach

    Founder & Investor | OneFootball
  • Nathan Mariemuthu

    Nathan Mariemuthu

    Founder | Empire Partner Foundation
  • Hans Otterling

    Hans Otterling

    Co-Founding Partner | Norrsken22
  • Justine Schäfer

    Justine Schäfer

    Creative Director | Cape Cobra Leathercraft
  • Leonard Stiegeler

    Leonard Stiegeler

    Entrepreneur & Investor | Pulse Media
  • Margaret O’ Connor

    Margaret O’ Connor

    Chairwoman | Launch Africa Ventures
  • Thadwefika Radebe

    Thadwefika Radebe

    Co-Founder | Qwilie
  • Hlelo Gyiose

    Hlelo Gyiose

    Chief Investment Officer | First Avenue Inv. Management
  • Zachariah George

    Zachariah George

    Co-Founding Partner | Launch Africa Ventures
  • Paula Mokwena

    Paula Mokwena

    CEO | Fireball Capital
  • Stephan Eckbergh

    Stephan Eckbergh

    Founder & CEO | Travelstart, Innovation City
  • Mariama Boumanjal

    Mariama Boumanjal

    Manager Europe & Africa |
    Google Black Founders Fund
  • Malvine Komorek

    Malvine Komorek

    M&A, Innovation | Schauenburg International
  • Axel Konjack

    Axel Konjack

    Head Global Marketplaces, Member Group Executive Board | Ringier AG
  • Victoria Engelhorn

    Victoria Engelhorn

    Serial Entrepreneur | Cape Heritage, HABITUS, Zip Zap Cirucs & more
  • Velani Mboweni

    Velani Mboweni

    Board Member, Co-Founder | Wesgro, LULA
  • Louis Buys

    Louis Buys

    Founder & CEO | The Delta
  • Janade Du Plessis

    Janade Du Plessis

    Co-Founding Partner | Launch Africa Ventures

Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners and sponsors, whose support has been crucial in bringing the Wine & Venture Summit to life. Their enthusiasm for helping the ecosystem expand, whether it's on the world stage or within our local regions, is extraordinary and really makes a difference.

We celebrate their role in making this summit a reality and a hub for cross-continental collaboration, trust, and success stories.

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The Venue

Nestled in the tranquil Knorhoek Valley, Quoin Rock showcases Stellenbosch's rich tapestry of heritage infused with a modern spirit. Under the Gaiduk family's stewardship, the estate has evolved into a testament to entrepreneurial excellence spanning continents, marrying passion with precision from incredible architecture to every crafted bottle.

Selecting Quoin Rock for the Wine & Venture Summit was more than aesthetic. In its very family-run approach, the spirit of bridging histories, passions, and visions between the continents. Quion Rock doesn’t just house our summit; it mirrors its core ethos.